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August 1, 2013

History of Me

Frankie's birthday post.  More like a history of Frankie throughout the years.

Below the pictures are links to Frankie Tortoise Tails posts that relate to the picture.

Always look mad.  Get sympathy food.  Works like a charm.
Link:  A New Nemsis

Yea, I heard you three weeks ago.  Don't eat cat food.  
Seeing a veterinarian:  Stink Eye

Marking sub saharan Africa. No pen so I just poop on the spot. You better believe I did.    

A fence a sulcata can go right through.

Don't care what you think.  It's a slide.

Got a new fence at last.

Frankie visits Petsmart.


You better believe it.

Love At First Sight.

Walking in the Do Dah Day Pet Parade.

You got to be kidding, right? 

The iconic Frankie  Birthday Cake

The show stopping Frankasaurus.
Link:  Frankasaurus

Frankie being mobbed at Do Dah Day

This could get a tortoise in trouble.  

For me?  A new cave!

A UFO seen around the world
Link:  UFO

That's our birthday boy!  Frankie at 12 years old.

Now a request for Frankie Fans.  Below this post is a place for comments.  Maybe you've missed it.  It's under the white line and it says "Post A Comment" or it has a number and looks like this:  3 View / Add Comment.  Please leave Frankie a birthday greeting and let us know what you think of Frankie Tortoise Tails.  You may leave the comment as "Anonymous"

Frankie and I thank everyone who reads Frankie Tortoise Tails.


  1. Michal-LynnAugust 01, 2013

    Happy Hatch Day, Frankie!! Here's to many many many more!!

    <3 from Michal-Lynn, Jonah, and Azrael

  2. Happy Birthday Frankie! I love your 'growing up' pictures! Hoping your day is filled with carrots, chin rubs and lots of fun!

  3. Happy Hatchday, Frankie! You've come a long way! Wishing you many happy years ahead!

  4. I love your Tortoise Tales and so fun to follow your life Happy Hatch Day Buddy Marcus, Rosie and Gracie

  5. Happy hatchday, Frankie. I hope you enjoyed it and got lots of carrots and corn. We all love you and your tails
    Gaby, Georgy, Daisyboy, Cocoa and Miss Charly

  6. Happy Birthday Frankie!
    I really like all your stories, especially when
    it involves the gecko room rearrangement and
    stomping paper and stuff. Haha!

  7. Happy Birthday Frankie! I can't believe how small you used to be!!

  8. Happy birthday Frankie! I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading your back stories throughout the day. I have learned some new things about torts and have already shared some of your experiences. If you would like to check out my tort Waffles blog, maybe you can have some sweet flashbacks to Frankie's early days. Have a fun birthday!
    Alicia & Waffles

  9. First off Happy Birthday to Frankie!!!!!
    I hope he enjoys his day!
    He is so cute and it was so nice to see how he has grown.

    Second: You are an amazing woman and very creative. You spend so much time with Frankie, taking him places and doing things with him. That's so cool! I liked how he went to school and on walks. I love his costumes and his cake. I wanta piece. :-) Its nice to see all this love and to read all his stories. THANK-YOU for sharing with all of us. You are a great "Mom" to him.


  10. Happy Birthday, Frankie!
    It was fun to look back on all the "milestones" in your life so far. I wonder what adventures the coming years will hold for you?

    I LOVE reading Frankie Tortoise Tails! I always get excited when I see there's a new post. Reading about your antics always makes me smile!

    Ginger...and Russian tortoises Nikolai and Sasha

  11. Dear Frankie,

    I love your hilarious blogs and tales! it makes me laugh everytime and read. you remind me of my small little red foot, Darwin. when he sees you on screen he always perks up.
    hope you have a good hatch day!

    Love, Graham and Darwin.

  12. I love Frankie's tales...

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  15. we have one here at the office. can't wait to see it grow big and big and big.