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So you think you want a sulcata for a this

Sulcata tortoises are outdoor turtles....they can't live inside.
Sulcata tortoises don't hibernate...they are awake and active year round.
Sulcata tortoise grow big...that tiny baby is not going to stay small.
Sulcata tortoises are strong...they can take out chain link fences, push through walls, break glass doors, destroy furniture.
Sulcata tortoises live a long time...think 50+ years.

The sulcata challenge:

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  1. Hi, My name is Tanya and I have a 70 lb male sulcuta. I live in El Paso TX. My daughter brought him home 10 years ago. He lives in our back yard. The climate is warm enough here that he stays outside most of the year.He eats the grass in the yard so we havent mowed our lawn in years! We feed him catus as a treat in addition to the grass diet.