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November 23, 2015

First Cold Night

It was the first really, really cold night in Mobile this season.  There was no choice than to bring Frankie inside.

Pretty much Frankie has torn up and outgrown his current outdoor habitat.  He couldn't turn around inside anymore so I modified his inside box so he would fit.  Then he tore out the doors so I had to build a new front.
New cover for the Frankie Cave
Adding an oil heater made Frankie's cave good to 40ยบ F and he stayed outside later this year than ever before but when temperatures headed to the 30's Frankie had to come in for the night.

I don't like it.

Sulcata tortoises who live primarily outdoors, where they should be, don't like coming indoors except for some exploration and furniture moving.  He spent the next morning in the living room waiting for the door to open.

Occasionally I would open the door and Frankie would decide if it was warm enough to go outside.  By noon Frankie headed outside but reluctantly came back inside house about two o'clock.  Frankie was greeted by Pepper, our new kitten, who had questions about the large boulder that farted.

Explain this!

There is hope for Frankie.  We are building a new outdoor enclosure for him.  We are very excited but it's not ready yet.  There is nothing like a 100 pound farting, pooping, sock eating, furniture moving, wall gouging, moving bolder in the house to motive two care takers to get the new outdoor habitat ready.

Frankie got a sneak peek last week inside the his new habitat....

I'm excited because there is room for me to sit with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy the morning with Frankie.  I was teasing Greg about adding WIFI and he said, "It's got WIFI.  We can monitor temperatures and watch Frankie on camera."  Alright! Frankie and I can watch The Walking Dead on my computer!

Looking forward to showing everyone Frankie's new habitat almost as much as Frankie is to move back outside.  Until then...

(In Memory of Bob, Maggie's beloved sulcata who brought us all so much joy. Thank you for sharing Bob with us all.)