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April 5, 2006

Yard Wanderings

Of course I have not added anything to my blog - the turtles and I have been outside!!! Almost every day has been warm enough for all the turtles, sulcata & box & spider, to go outside. Frankie is so happy. He spends so much of the day just walking around his very big back yard.

I have put up a temporary fence within the yard that basically triples the space for the box turtles. No longer are they confined to under the patio, but now they have open grassy area. They hardly go under the patio anymore.

Mattie goes into the box turtle area. While the box turtles are cozy up under straw, leaves or such, Mattie is out in the open basking and eating clover. She also delights in her new area. No more big Frankie to walk over her.

I have been cleaning the area in the yard that had remained untouched during construction. There are so many bushes, trees, vines, etc. that one can hardly walk through. My goal is to have it cleaned out enough to allow Frankie to safely pass through without getting caught up.

Oh, there are wild blackberry bushes. They do have thorns, but they put out an abundant amount of berries that the turtles love. Keeping those for the turtles.