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November 28, 2006

A Quick Clip

Frankie got a beak trim. His front top beak was uneven, one side was much longer than the other by about an eight of an inch which in turtle beaks I would think is significant. He probably chipped it on some food but I cannot remember when this could be as he has had this problem for longer than I can remember. I have been hesitant to do anything being afraid that I would cause it to break even worse than it already is.

I gave in and got a tool that looks like a hoof clipper only smaller. It fit perfectly under his beak. I clipped it so quickly that Frankie had no time to object. It came off just right, so that the beak is even again. He seems to eat much easier. Food items don't get hung up on the longer beak as before. He looks good.

November 18, 2006


The weather has been so unpredictable that Frankie goes inside one day because it is cold and overcast and he goes outside the next day because it is warm and sunny. This inconstant weather is nutty. Global warming, Greg says.

Frankie walks into the house all by himself which is very helpful, but I have not been able (or I am just not patience) to teach him to walk outside to the backyard by himself. He will exit the gecko room into the garage and then exit onto the car port but from there he cannot figure out (or wants) to go into the backyard. So, I have to pick him up and carry him. This is beginning to cause pain in my right hand, specifically the fingers where the weight of Frankie comes down greatest.

Greg is still progressing on the outdoor enclosure. It isn't build but today we are going to pick up a second hot water heater. That is a step in the process.

The box turtles seem to be content in their indoor enclosure. They don't do much. They seem to do nothing but wait for the next feeding. What a life. The most active is Bama who can't manage to leave the girls alone. He pesters the three girls continuously. I have taken to putting him into his own smaller container except during feedings. I think the girls appreciate it.