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March 23, 2009

A Trip to the Veterinarian

Frankie went in for his annual veterinarian check today. It was an eventful visit.

Number of people who turned off Highway 280 when they saw Frankie in the veterinarian parking lot so they could take a picture of him with their cell phone: 2.

Number of carrots eaten by Frankie in the waiting area: 48.

Number of dumb dogs who wanted to take on Frankie in the waiting area: 2.

Number of victorious dogs: 0.

Number of feet off the ground that the veterinarian house cat jumped to get away from Frankie: 4.

Number of cell phone pictures taken by the veterinarian staff: 14.

Number of veterinarian technicians it took to pick Frankie up and carry him to the large animal scale: 2.

Number of pounds at weigh in: 60.

Number of times Frankie farted during his physical examination: 2.

Number of times the veterinarian technician was blamed for the farts before it became obvious Frankie was responsible for the unique aroma: 1.

Number of poops Frankie presented in person to the veterinarian: 4.

Number of parasites in Frankie's fecal check: 0

Number of times Frankie peed in the veterinarian office: 1.

Like I say, very eventful. He is so very cooperative. Most important, Frankie got a clean bill of heath.

March 21, 2009

My Social Calendar

Yea, I have a social calendar. Don't all good-looking, single dude sulcata tortoises have a social calendar? ;)

Here is where I will be:

Earth Hour - March 25th. I think I will sleep through this one. As long as I get a good bask in the sun before Mom and Dad turn off the electricity for an hour then I am okay with the whole "save the earth" thing.

Creek Bank Festival, Leeds AL - April 18th. Entertaining children and adults while walking around the annual festival.

Walk for Autism, Birmingham AL - April 25th. Donate $5 for me to walk! My second time as a special invited guest.

Do Dah Day, Birmingham AL - Mary 16th. My fourth time! One day I am going to run for Do Dah Day King!
Do Dah Day Video: Frankie at Do Dah Day (first three minutes of video only)

Leeds Downtown Folk Festival, Leeds AL - September 19th - 20th.

March 9, 2009

A Perfect Turtle Day

The weather has been absolutely perfect for turtles! In the lower 70's, clouds and sun, and very little wind. No turtle or tortoise could complain. So Frankie and the box turtles all spend three great days outdoors.

This is the first time the box turtles were outside in their pen but I believe they were ready. For the last week they have attempted various escapes from their indoor enclosure. Very unusual for the usual content box turtles who only wish for super worms and daily soaks in clean water. This winter was completly uneventful for them. Getting outside was probably a great break in their otherwise boring routine.

And Frankie was in heaven. Non-stop walking from 10:00 a.m. through four in the afternoon. Time for basking and grazing as needed. Watching him I believe it was the walking that he enjoyed the most.

I had time to get outside and straighten up everyone's outdoor area. The box turtle area as cleared of dead grass and large weeds. Places were set up for them to tuck safely away in piles of leaves and under brush.

Frankie's wooded area is clearing fast of ivy that used to keep him from walking around. He now can thread through the evergreens and trees and bushes. This area will be great this summer for him.

Each night I bought everyone back inside. Only one of the three nights was really warm enough but its not quite Spring enough for the bunch to sleep outside.

I so enjoyed watching all the turtles and Frankie enjoy such perfect turtle days.