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March 23, 2009

A Trip to the Veterinarian

Frankie went in for his annual veterinarian check today. It was an eventful visit.

Number of people who turned off Highway 280 when they saw Frankie in the veterinarian parking lot so they could take a picture of him with their cell phone: 2.

Number of carrots eaten by Frankie in the waiting area: 48.

Number of dumb dogs who wanted to take on Frankie in the waiting area: 2.

Number of victorious dogs: 0.

Number of feet off the ground that the veterinarian house cat jumped to get away from Frankie: 4.

Number of cell phone pictures taken by the veterinarian staff: 14.

Number of veterinarian technicians it took to pick Frankie up and carry him to the large animal scale: 2.

Number of pounds at weigh in: 60.

Number of times Frankie farted during his physical examination: 2.

Number of times the veterinarian technician was blamed for the farts before it became obvious Frankie was responsible for the unique aroma: 1.

Number of poops Frankie presented in person to the veterinarian: 4.

Number of parasites in Frankie's fecal check: 0

Number of times Frankie peed in the veterinarian office: 1.

Like I say, very eventful. He is so very cooperative. Most important, Frankie got a clean bill of heath.

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