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August 26, 2014

A Guide To Big (Dear Waffles...)

Dear Waffles, I've noticed how big you got over the summer.  It happens really fast for sulcata tortoises.  As I am an expert on BIG I thought I would share some things about getting closer to that 100 pound marker.

You're gonna need a bigger blanket.

Indoors starts looking a bit small

Indoors gets a little hazardous (for the indoor things, you'll be fine).

Your mom is gonna get tired of picking up these

You'll end up outside more often but you'll love it!
The buffet is all you can eat!

Things you used to eat become toys.

You'll start doing this a lot.

Mom will need help getting you in and out of the car.

You'll need a bigger outdoor house.
This is big but 75% is for storing hay and carrots.

It's important to learn that a glass is solid.  If you insist you can crash through but you will need to wear a safety will everyone on the other side.


You got to get yourself a skateboard.

Sloth can't move outside with you but it's okay, there's things to snuggle with.

Even big you'll make all kinds a new friends.
If you can't dance just go freestyle. Nobody will mind.

Best of all, you'll make lifelong friends who love you.

And that famous hiney shot gets more and more awesome.

Love, Frankie

PS Godspeed my friend Michele Renea Wales who picked up her angel wings today.  We love you!