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December 7, 2005

The weather outside may be cold

The weather outside is very cold, but all turtles (except on escaped ornate who better be outside underground) are inside, warm and wide awake. We had our second day freeze and the plants are frozen outside but I have managed to find some live weeds and grass under leaves to scrounge about some food for Frankie (sulcata) and Mattie. The box turtles are doing very well on superworms. I think that I will try to switch them over to veggies but they have never been real friendly toward them. No fruits at all for Frankie as I do not want any watery poops inside. So far all the poops have been solid. On a side note, I do believe that my nose is completely used to all the turtle, cricket and gecko poop for I never notice any foul smells in the reptile room.

Frankie has managed not to tear up the reptile room. He does wander around but I have enough obstacles and things for him to navigate that his roaming is more interesting. He wakes at 7:30 a.m. and goes back to bed by 2:00 p.m. I guess for the cold winter months this is not bad. His big box is sitting on a thick piece of plywood so he does not have direct contact with the floor. His box is stuffed with torn up newspaper in which he burrows. In the morning I drag him out of the box and onto his pig-blanket. I turn on his basking light which is overhead. He sits until he warms up and then begins his wanderings around the room.