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September 26, 2006


Frankie's hole, which he seemed to have abandoned, became active again today. The hole became large enough for Frankie to get in completely and turn around. So, it is time to fill in the hole. I think I will give Frankie back his slide. I think his digging is related to being bored.

September 22, 2006

Breakfast with Turtles

Last night we had temperatures down in the 40's. After going to bed I just couldn't stop thinking about the turtles so I got up and went outside and brought them in for the night. Good thing since most were not underground.

This morning I woke up to a warm basket full of turtles. For breakfast, I served a very over ripe apricot (that went very well with Mama turtle and Big Turtle) and cat food (always a favorite with Brown Eyes). Bama had a bit of both.

It seems that Mama Turtle knows that fall is here and is eating more and more. She is trying to store up food for the winter. Since Big Turtle never goes under for the winter, she could care less about stocking up. I couldn't tell what Brown Eyes was thinking, she just loves cat food. Bama is just his same "skirt chasing" self, more interested in females standing still than in food.

I got them a bale of hay for tonight so they can settle into something nice and warm.

Frankie got a heater make-over. His heater was elevated so that it is over his head instead of underneath him. Think I have some adjustments to yet make. We'll see how he does tonight. He also got hay.

September 16, 2006

Missing my little babies

Crunch and Munch were adopted out yesterday to a very nice young lady from Georgia. I am sure they are going to a very loving, caring family. Their new mom promised she would post about them on the forum so I am keeping my eye out. Perhaps I will still see them grow up.

The school presentation went very well. Frankie simply walked around the room the entire time. He really enjoys obstacles so going around and under chairs was simply delightful.

September 14, 2006

Back to School

I am preparing to take geckos, lizards and turtles to Oak Mountain Classical School. This is the second such visit to an elementary school since the article. Had I forgot to mention the article? Greg and I and geckos were photographed and interviewed for an article that came out in the Birmingham News on September 13th. The article, which had great photos, focused on the geckos. Since the article, I have had several phone calls including two from schools that want a reptile presentation. So, back to turtles, I am taking lizards, geckos and turtles to show the first graders.

Hopefully it goes well.

September 9, 2006

One Bigger

Crunch, the baby three toed turtle, is getting bigger than Munch, its sibling. I started feeding them separately in case Crunch was eating everything. Now I find that Munch is just not feeding as much. Munch leaves worms uneaten. Crunch, on the other hand, eats a lot.

...and the hole gets even bigger. He just dug through a large root. If Frankie would take directions, I could have him dig me a garden.

Hole, continued

And the hole gets bigger.

September 1, 2006

And So It Begins

I went out to check on Frankie only to see him digging a hole in the yard.

And so it begins.

This is his first attempt at a hole since we moved here around three years ago. Since the yard is almost pure hard Alabama clay, I expected he could not dig far and up to now I was correct.

Over the last three years, I've tried hard to get organic material into the yard so we could have a lawn for Frankie to graze over. First year, it was all weeds, barely growing. Last year, clover successfully bloomed everywhere. This year I have a lawn. Apparently enough organic material is now in place that there is a layer of soil, just enough that Frankie can begin to dig. Everything that I've been told about owning a large sulcata is eventually becoming true, so buyers beware. Experienced sulcata keepers tell no "tails".
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