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January 12, 2006

New Year Turtles

I am very far away from home right now and missing my turtles a lot. Greg is at home taking care of everyone. I had finally gotten some of the box turtles to eat some vegetables but regretfully Greg has to feed them superworms while I am away (easier for Greg). Greg told me that when he got home last night that Frankie the sulcata had peed and pooped on the floor and then walked through it all day. I am guessing that means that the gecko room floor was quite filthy. That was more than probably since Frankie cannot be outside all day in cold weather. At least Greg can appreciate how much work involved with the turtles & geckos each day - not that he doesn't already appreciate it already but this is a reminder how wonderful I am to take on the task myself.

Still, I miss the turtles, especially Frankie.