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October 15, 2013

Big Move Plans

You've wonder what Frankie been doing.  It's BIG!  He is moving South to Mobile.

Moving is huge no matter if moving to an apartment in town, or moving a family into a house, or moving to a new state....well, you get the picture. Moving is tough.

Add Frankie to the mix.

Yeah, you got it.  It's even tougher.

Finding that perfect sulcata friendly house was not easy.  There had to be a yard....a big yard.  And a fence....a privacy fence.  A garage....a garage is really needed in case there is a storm or it get's too cold or any other reason that requires bringing Frankie inside.

Things happen that require bringing a 100 pound sulcata tortoise inside.

I am a bit befuddled why we bought a house with no garage and no fence.

Greg is going to build a fence.

There is no such thing as a temporary fence for a 100 pound sulcata.  There is no garage to put Frankie until the fence is build.  Besides, we already know what happens when Frankie is kept indoors.

Which explains why Frankie and I are still living in Birmingham.  We don't get to move South until the fence is built.

All of that pales in comparison to one more detail:  moving said 100 pound sulcata.  If you happen to be an owner of a large sulcata you are already gritting your teeth.

Five hours in car.  Do you know what a 100 pound sulcata tortoise will do to a car's interior during that time?

If you own a large sulcata you already know.  If you don't own a large sulcata, it's like tossing an angry, blind folded Wolverine into a compact car.

We're working on a strategy.

The best so far is to wait until Frankie goes to bed for the night in his "cave", board up the front, strap the whole thing on a flat bed truck and drive to Mobile.

Really, it's not a bad idea.  We are still considering other ways.

I promise to take pictures.

Until the fateful day Frankie is enjoying Fall in Birmingham.  Lots of walking, grazing, sleeping.  When Frankie does make it to Mobile he can enjoy Fall all over again.

27 days and counting.

Frankie enjoying Fall in Birmingham, AL.