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July 23, 2013

The Mythical Ram

Frankie's Year of The Ram continues.

I see a lot of discussion about sulcata ramming.

Both male and female sulcata ram.  When they want to.  Seen it.

Keepers with younger sulcata from hatchlings to a few years old really don't notice ramming. When a sulcata is small ramming looks like hiding and sounds like hissing.

As a sulcata get's older things happen and a sulcata owner will wonder, "Did that sulcata just ram me?" or "Did the sulcata just give me a love-tap?"  For the medium sized sulcata a ram is more like a bump or a forward jump.  Owners think, "Oh, I just scared him."

When a sulcata gets big....well there is no mistaking when a big sulcata rams.

Never stand in front of a big sulcata when it rams.  Just don't.  Don't sneak up on a big sulcata.  Really.

There are signs.  Indicators.  Big Red Flags.  Don't ignore them.

Ramming behavior is normal so best to give the big sulcata something to ram.  I gave Frankie a bucket. 

Never, NEVER, take the bucket away.

(If you can't view the above video click on link to go to You Tube for viewing: Frankie Ramming)

Dedicated to Gracie's dad, Marcus O'Bryon who gave Gracie her first bucket.

July 18, 2013

Notes on Summer 2013

It's hot and rainly this summer, Frankie.
How are you doing and what are you up to?
I call this Frankie's Hurt Corner
The Hurt Corner is for ramming things.
I don't stand in the Hurt Corner when Frankie is around.
Frankie hurts the bucket.
Yesterday, Frankie distroyed the clay pot.
This is Frankie's pool.
I don't think it's gonna last the summer.
I am doing my best to keep Frankie cool but it's hot and it rains almost daily.
I swear I just mowed last weekend.   
I don't care if it's hot.  Get out here and help me mow!