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September 9, 2013

It's A Trip!

Frankie, come here. I wanna talk to you. (Frankie walks over) 
You wanna go live somewhere else? 
No, Frankie! Listen to me. We are moving. 
We're going on a walk! (Frankie heads to the gate) 
Frankie! No. Now listen to me. Dad got a new job and we are moving away from here. (Frankie looks around the yard.)
But I like my yard. 
Well, yes but you complain about Birmingham's weather. What if we are going to a place where the winters are warmer? 
That's good. What else? 
Well, you'll have a new yard with grass and trees. There are rabbits. 

Rabbit in Frankie's new yard.
What about chipmunks? I like watching chipmunks. 
Probably chipmunks. 
What else they got there?
Carrots. Cuttlebone. Petsmart. 
What about Petco? I like the floors at Petco.
They have a Petco. 
Okay. Is this were Rosie lives? 
No, Rosie lives in Colorado. 
Can we move there? 
No, we can't. We are moving South.
Can she move with us? 
Sorry, no. 
Are we breaking up?! 
No, Frankie. She can't move with us but she is still your girlfriend. 
Fiancee. Right. 
Main squeeze. 
Fine! Let's get back to the move. It will be a five hour drive to our new home.
Have fun. How am I getting there? 
We will drive you there. 
Good luck with that! I'm gonna poop and pee all over the car. 
We'll be prepared. We'll stop and clean it all up. 
I am gonna poop and pee all the way down there. 
I'll wear a mask. 
We driving with the cat?
Will the cat meow all the way down there? 
I want ear muffs. 
You and me both, Frankie. So, you'll go with us? 
I'll think about it......................okay. 
That was quick. 
I am always up for an adventure.