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Need help with your sulcata?

If you came across Frankie Tortoise Tails because you need help with your sulcata then here are some referrals for you:

If your sulcata is having health issues (tortoise always tired, not eating, bubbles from nose, not moving, soft shell) then you need a veterinarian now:
Click to visit ->   Herp Vet Connection

If you are thinking of buying a sulcata, please consider adopting one instead.  Here is a starting point (ask for a referral if they are not in your area):
Click to visit ->   Turtle Rescue of Long Island

Looking for sulcata appropriate supplements like hay or cuttlebone from a supplier who understands what a sulcata really needs?  I suggest this place:
click to visit ->  Carolina Pet Supply

Think there is another link that should have here?  Send a suggestion.  Be aware that Frankie is very picky as there is a lot of wrong information out there and he doesn't want any harm happen to any sulcata.