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September 22, 2006

Breakfast with Turtles

Last night we had temperatures down in the 40's. After going to bed I just couldn't stop thinking about the turtles so I got up and went outside and brought them in for the night. Good thing since most were not underground.

This morning I woke up to a warm basket full of turtles. For breakfast, I served a very over ripe apricot (that went very well with Mama turtle and Big Turtle) and cat food (always a favorite with Brown Eyes). Bama had a bit of both.

It seems that Mama Turtle knows that fall is here and is eating more and more. She is trying to store up food for the winter. Since Big Turtle never goes under for the winter, she could care less about stocking up. I couldn't tell what Brown Eyes was thinking, she just loves cat food. Bama is just his same "skirt chasing" self, more interested in females standing still than in food.

I got them a bale of hay for tonight so they can settle into something nice and warm.

Frankie got a heater make-over. His heater was elevated so that it is over his head instead of underneath him. Think I have some adjustments to yet make. We'll see how he does tonight. He also got hay.

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