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March 21, 2009

My Social Calendar

Yea, I have a social calendar. Don't all good-looking, single dude sulcata tortoises have a social calendar? ;)

Here is where I will be:

Earth Hour - March 25th. I think I will sleep through this one. As long as I get a good bask in the sun before Mom and Dad turn off the electricity for an hour then I am okay with the whole "save the earth" thing.

Creek Bank Festival, Leeds AL - April 18th. Entertaining children and adults while walking around the annual festival.

Walk for Autism, Birmingham AL - April 25th. Donate $5 for me to walk! My second time as a special invited guest.

Do Dah Day, Birmingham AL - Mary 16th. My fourth time! One day I am going to run for Do Dah Day King!
Do Dah Day Video: Frankie at Do Dah Day (first three minutes of video only)

Leeds Downtown Folk Festival, Leeds AL - September 19th - 20th.

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