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October 22, 2012


An Unidentified Frankie Object.....aka Frankie the sulcata tortoise.

I wasn't even sure the costume was going to look okay.  It looks really stupid....until the lights switch on.  With those lights the costume is awesome.

We took UFO to PetSmart for it's Halloween Costume Contest.  UFO didn't get 3rd....or 2nd....or 1st.  UFO beat by Bumblebee dog.  What can we say?  It's a dog's world.

The dog world is about to be invaded.

UFO looking for a little fuel in the form of treats.

UFO flanked by mom.

Submarine friend licks the UFO to death.

UFO caught on film
The UFO needs to be seen in action. (Click on links below) 

Next week:  UFO invades Petco.  They better have carrots.


UFO costume appears on Right This Minute TV!  

 click to view video clip "Time To Dress Your Pets"

Special thanks to 
Greg Christenson, master technician
Greta Maloney, assistant costume construction

1 comment:

  1. Frankie/Leann/Greg
    Best creative animal costume EVER!
    you win here with us!