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August 6, 2009

Frankie's Birthday

I just wanted to announce that Frankie is 8 years old!

He celebrated his birthday with a cake and a walk around the block!

I hear he is working on a birthday wish list...can't wait to see that!

How To Make A Sulcata Birthday Cake

Plan on making potato salad for dinner.

Chop up a whole potato. Put into boiling water. Forget it's there for 30 minutes. Return to the kitchen, see soft potatoes. Cuss. Drain water and put aside potatoes.

Chop up another whole potato. Put into boiling water and set timer for ten minutes. Return to the kitchen in 15 minutes. Cuss. Drain water and put aside potatoes.

Decide to call for pizza delivery for dinner.

Wonder what to do about wasted potatoes.

Remember that Frankie's birthday was Monday.

Think potatoes alone are not great for sulcata,. Remember that Frankie needs his weekly calcium.

Measure out one cup of calcium carbonate. Mix with two overcooked potatoes.

Notice that the horrible gray color isn't very appetizing. Remember food dye that sits in cupboard since marriage 14 years ago. Fetch.

Mix in eight drops of yellow food dye. Mix well. End up using hands to mix well.

Shape in to cake.

Chop carrots and stick into cake.

Place cake ten feet in front of sulcata. Clear out of the way.

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