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August 22, 2009

On your march!

I have reported on numerous occasions that Frankie is a walking fool, he loves to participate in parades and The Big Walk is his favorite activity. Maybe many people expect a large tortoise to be a slow awkward creature but the sulcata tortoise is a speedy thing when let loose. Frankie loves to be let loose.

Before getting Frankie, I encountered maybe a half dozen large sulcata tortoises all of who were confined to small spaces or small containers. These sulcata were dull and inactive. These first impression were horribly deceptive and now looking back on these poor creatures I realize that they were probably raised in terrible conditions and no longer behaved as a real sulcata should.

Frankie has taught me what a real sulcata is like….and sedate is not a characteristic. Slow is not a descriptive word.

But pictures speak louder than words. A video speaks volumes.

Without further adieu, a video of Frankie walking in the Dawg Daze Pet Parade giving the crowd an eye full of fast moving tortoise. Go, Frankie, Go!

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