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August 29, 2009

Frankie as Art - II

The response to Frankie's paper mache shell was so amazing I thought I should share some comments:

"Don't let him near little puppies who are 'paper training'"
"Now he can read the paper while he's going potty!"
"When you go for a walk you can read the newspaper at the same time."
What is black and white and read all over? Frankie!

Costume Ideas for Frankie in the paper mache shell:
A printing press
Newspaper boy
Origami Turtle

Captions for the picture:
"That is the last time I go to that kindergarten class!"
"Hello, my name is Frankie and I'm a news-print-aholic."
"Fold this! Fold like that! Baaahh! I ate the whole origami class."

Check back for more!

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