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April 16, 2008

Why We Like Spring

The last cold snap has passed (hopefully) and we have lots of spring-like weather to look forward to. Of course, spring weather is turtle weather! Probably the favorite time of year for turtles.

The box turtles love it simply because it means getting out of the house (or hibernation for those down for the winter). Their diet can include insects, bugs, grubs, slugs and snails - yea!

Frankie is ecstatic! His favorite temperatures are in the high 70s with full sun. Yep, 80s get too hot and 90s are just way too hot. The reason being is that the sun really brings up a sulcata's body temperature to its preferred temperature. So ambient temperatures outdoors don't need to be HOT for sulcata to be happy rather the temperatures need to be warm with sun.

So, here are some pictures of Frankie enjoying the sun and fresh grass.

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