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April 22, 2008

Earth Day Activities

Frankie got to sleep inside for probably the last time this spring. So he had to tear up the gecko room one more time for good measure. He very much wanted a walk this morning when I got him outside but I had a load of work to do so I sent him off to the backyard to do some Earth-friendly mowing. First he acted as a solar power battery and got sun-energized. Then he did a couple of laps around the yard. When he finally settled into some grazing, oops, I mean mowing, Frankie looked a bit hot so I hosed him down with some water after filling his pool with clean fresh water. Right now he is mowing the very back area so I can't see him but I can hear him walking though the leaves.

Box turtles stayed inside last night, too. I think they are ready for outside sleep, too. With the box turtles I still need to check on them nightly to see that they are "tucked" in securely. Big Turtle cannot dig into good spots and can sometimes leave herself exposed. With her, I have to be extra careful to see she is okay nightly.

For my Earth day activities I planted a tomato plant, a red bell pepper plant, some basil and parsley. Love fresh garden foods. Still have more to go. I also replanted a fern. I brought out houseplants that were inside for the winter. Back porch was cleaned up and my porch umbrella is up. Now I can watch the turtles in comfort and shade.

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