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April 4, 2008

Frankie is so Kind

(Since Turtletimes was down this last week, this would be April 4th entry)

I got up extra early this morning -- Greg had a foot therapy appointment so at 6:00 am when I went downstairs Frankie was very asleep.

Finally got back down later in the morning. I guess Frankie knew I was going to mop today because he was kind enough to give me back the half of the mop that he ate the other day. Nothing like stringy poop. It also looks he thought to himself that as long as Leann has to sweep and mop today, I might as well give her something really good to mop up. Frankie is so kind to think of me.

While I was trying to clean up a bit, Frankie banged his head on the door to go outside (literally banging his head - new habit). I had to stop everything to walk him outside - I like to make sure he gets all the way into the backyard since he could knock down my flimsy barrier. Soooo, 8 minutes later (he had to think about going outside once he saw clouds), he finally gets all the way to the back gate, stops, turns around, and heads back inside. Fine! He will be underfoot all day 'cause the weather is expected to get worse, not better.

I have a chipmunk who considers my yard part of his territory. Well, yesterday he shows up with a girlfriend and three youngsters. You could tell the youngsters because while the adults were seriously scratching out seeds for a meal, the three young ones where playing grab-butt with each other never wandering more than three feet from the ground hole entrance. Wonder what they will think of Frankie?

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