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April 10, 2008

Sun and No Sun

Although spring is here, I am having to bring turtles in at night. Mostly because morning sun is not all that reliable. This morning, I didn't turn Frankie's heat on because we were expecting some sun this morning. So, I let Frankie outside (moving slowly to the yard he was) so he could warm up under the expecting sun -- which didn't really materialize. Finally, I brought Frankie in at 11:00 am to warm up on his pig blanket.

45 minutes later, I go downstairs and enter into a Frankie disaster area. Guess I am getting used to it -- pee & poop everywhere. He was outside for two hours but waited until he came back inside to do his duty. As I say, I am getting used to it. So, since he was warm, I let him outside.

I am also pleased that Frankie is his old self. Nothing like what he was like in February when he sat around, stayed in his box and refused to eat. Checking on him for the rest of the day, he was all over the yard grazing and walking. He wanted a walk but I was really needing to do things in the house and then later in the afternoon it was getting a bit hot outside.

Box turtles are out in the day and in at night. When I fed them yesterday, only Brown Eyes was real hungry. Big Turtle ate just a little and Mama Turtle didn't eat. Maybe they are finding food outside. That would be nice.

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