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September 12, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

Fall signals a whole new routine for Frankie.  Gone are the long hot hours of harsh sunlight, hiding from the glaring sun and the heat.  In the fall, Frankie changes from The Hider to The Seeker.  

The September sun is lower in sky and no longer shines direct on Frankie's cave.  Nights are cooler so Frankie sleeps deeper inside.  It's a balmy 70º range all night in the cave which is more than comfortable for him.

When morning comes Frankie must exit the cave for more warmth.  He wants his shell temperature to rise up to the high 80's.  That will take some sun. Frankie seeks a spot in the middle of the yard.

Fall also brings more cloud coverage.  One moment there is sun and the next POOF and it's gone.  The Seeker needs patience to catch the sun. 

Waiting for the Sun

Oops!  Got caught yawing.

Fell asleep.

There's the Sun!

1 comment:

  1. Catch that sun, Frankie!!

    This makes sense. My LIttle DUde hasn't been awake all day!