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September 26, 2012

Frankie Boost

I am really fed up with the world....really, really fed up.  My tolerance meter is busted, I've lost all patience with people, I am sad, unhappy and thinking another 20 years like this makes me want to scream.

Who doesn't feel like this every now and then.

I need a re-boost.

I head outside to spend some quality time with Frankie.

Frankie is already inside his cave for the night but since it's not even 5:00 pm I take the chance my friend is still awake.

I lean over and pull back the plastic strips that cover his door keeping drafts and rain out of the cave.

No sooner than I peak inside that I see Frankie get right up and head right out the door to see me.

My blood pressure just drops like a 50 pound weight tossed off  a tall building.

Frankie is just ecstatic to see me.  I head up to the central part of his yard where recent lawn mowing has trimmed it down to a nice soft coosh of  green softness.  I sit and watch Frankie walk directly to me.  It's a visit of buddies.

Frankie gets up to my tennis shoes.  A quick whiff confirms it's me and he settles right next to me for a firm shell rubbing. 

Best friends.
Satisfied from a thorough shell buffing, Frankie strolls past me and then turns around and walks straight back to me.  I know what this is about. He is coming back for a second round of shell rubs but this time he wants equal time for the other side of his shell.

What's sup?

He repeats the drive-by shell rubbing all the way past my feet, turns around coming back for more.  This time Frankie adds a little grazing as he receives a third round of shell rubbing.

Satisfied that I've done a good job, I sit up on my knees and walk (on hands and knees) beside him as Frankie grazes a few bites of grass.

A little walk together.
Frankie and I continue our side by side stroll around the yard.  If I see a particularly nice patch of grass I pat the area with my hand and Frankie obligingly grazes that bunch of Leann-selected greenery.

This goes on until a very rude fence stops our forward progress to greener grass.  I stand up and ask Frankie if he wants to walk around with me.  Frankie could well just have been a dog as he quickly turns around and joins me at my heals to walk back across the lawn.

When we reach the other side of the yard we both sit again.  I oblige him with another shell rub.  We sit just contemplating a world that feels a little less hostile and a whole lot more quiet.

After many, many moments of peace sitting next to Frankie who has brought my world back to a  manageable, happy place I ask him if he is ready to go in.

I am absolutely certain that Frankie has not learned a lick of English but he responds to my question by turning about and walking down the hill and straight to his cave.  Frankie pushes past the plastic strips covering his door and into the recesses of a hay covered bed. 

I watch as Frankie disappears for his beauty rest.

Rejuvenated and relaxed, I head back into the house with my patience, love and tolerance levels filled to the brim ready to be contributing part of my family and friends again.

Frankie is worth his weight in gold.


Dedicated to Michelle Renea Wales who knows exactly what I mean.


  1. That's great that Mr. Frankie can make all the tension of the day slip away. IT amazes me how pets have that effect. On a bad day, I can take LD outside and sit there for hours. My husband has finally realized that I'm a happier Greta when I get my LD time. IT's needed medication that an animal can provide to someone who has tried almost everything. Sure, sometimes I get teased that I spend too much time with him, but I've never heard diddly about the LD's effects being negative on me.

    Hooray for Frankie! If only we could bottle him :)

  2. Looking to standing the test of time is their gift to us.
    They have complete understanding of all history which is submiting to patience on their burdens unnecessarily given them by their environments.
    It happens to us as well, what marvelous friends they are to heal us humans with that.
    I really liked the part where you shared your grass patch Leann. Haha!
    ...and actually eating Bermuda grass is good for you btw.
    Very good story Leann.