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May 20, 2008

Fence and Yard

Today I worked on turtle yard and fences. Really had to work myself up for the job. I've been a bit allergy sensative lately so I was afraid that getting outside and cutting grass would set me up for a major attack. So, before opening the door, I put on a allergy mask to help a bit. And it did help.

I first got outside and mowed Frankie's yard. First time I've mowed his yard in almost a year and a half. I usually weed whack. Mostly because our old lawn mower was very heavy and even with its motor driven wheels, it really wore me out. This time I used the lawn mower we bought last fall. It made mowing Frankie big yard much easier. I mowed at 8:00 am when Frankie was still in his house not yet ready to get up for the day.

I managed to pick up the mower into the box turtle area. The grass was so high there that I was getting chiggers (lawn bugs that get under skin) on my legs. I don't like to mow in the box turtle area because I am always afraid there will be a baby turtle somewhere. But I mowed only in the center area - no baby turtles around. Then the mower ran out of gas. Decided that was a sign to stop. But basically the back yard and box turtle area was well mowed.

I then installed plastic garden barriers on one of the chain link fences to see if it would keep Frankie from pacing the fence. I cut the plastic into two pieces and attached them to the fence one on top and the second underneath. That gave height to the barrier to keep Frankie from seeing the other side.

After watching Frankie the rest of the day, the barrier worked. He ignored that area of the fence and instead paced in the area where there was no barrier. So, I think I will do the same on the reminding chain link fence.

What did I do the rest of the day -- recovered!

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