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May 6, 2008

Famous Frankie

Frankie was a celebrity again! This last weekend he was featured in an pet article. As soon as I can I will get a scan of the article and post it on this blog so everyone can see it.

Until then, here is the text:

No hare apparent as tortoise takes its time in Birmingham-area Walk for Autism.
Sunday, May 04, 2008, Slow but sure:
I felt like a bit of a slacker after learning that a tortoise participated in the Walk for Autism 2008 while my dog, Vito, and I were home on the couch.

True, Frankie - a sulcata tortoise who belongs to Leann Christenson of Leeds - didn't exactly set the pace at the recent 3K walk at Regions Park. But he plodded on nonetheless.

"Everyone quickly passed him, but he didn't care," Christenson says.

Frankie wasn't allowed to complete the event, because public safety officials requested that he leave the road once all walkers passed.

"I think Frankie walked about 45 minutes, which means he walked just under one mile," Christenson says.

But he would've gladly finished, she says, and was in fine shape to do so. The pair's training sessions, which started with one-mile walks, progressed to two miles closer to the event.

Way to go Frankie! Walk on!

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