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December 28, 2007

Cold Reminders

I admit. I was out of town for Christmas and have no idea how Frankie & the gang did on Christmas eve. However, our caretaker told us this:

"When I arrived on Christmas, the cricket containers had been dragged all over the gecko room. The gecko container on wheels was pushed over to the far end of the room and almost had flipped over. Hay was everywhere. Frankie acted completely innocent. In fact, he looked rather bored".

But, said our caretaker, he was in his box every night when he went to water the geckos.

Of course he was in bed every night. Frankie values his sleep time - or should I say his beauty sleep.

When we got home there was seven hibiscus flowers freshly bloomed that day. I gave them to Frankie first thing this morning. He was happy with his treat and was happy to see me. He followed me all over the gecko room and then insisted on going outside. It was warm enough for him to go out and graze for about 30 minutes. Big change from where we spent Christmas with snow and daily 30s temperatures. I miss my family but I DO NOT MISS THE WEATHER!

Pretty sure Frankie doesn't miss the cold weather either.

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