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December 22, 2007

Book Turtle

Yesterday was a grand day - it was warm and sunny. Just what a tortoise would ask for.

Young Macy, a neighborhood girl, was over early to see the baby turtle. Frankie was having a fit because we were looking at the baby turtle and not taking Frankie outside! He was butting at the door and pacing in front of it. How does he know if it's nice outside? So, I let him out.

After Macy left, I needed to go to the library before it closed at 1:00 to pick up some books. I decided to bring Frankie along. I loaded him in the Prius and headed out (library is 6 minutes away).

Our library is always very warm so he enjoyed his walk around the books. He checked out the children's area - maybe because he is only 7 years old or perhaps because there are lots of primary colors. Probably the latter. Kids at the library had fun seeing him.

We went back home and Frankie spent the rest of the day in the yard grazing and basking.

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