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July 12, 2007

Visitor to the yard

Unbelievable - to my surprise, a groundhog (you heard me right) decided to move into our yard! Groundhogs are no small rodents, not small like squirrels or chipmunks or moles, nope, groundhogs are like big cats! My first thought in coming across this guy (screaming my head off as I had no idea what it was thinking first it was a badger) was the turtles. Groundhogs are vegetarians which may be one reason he was attracted to our yard -- lots of good grasses and weeds to eat. Still concerned about the turtles, Greg and I decided to turn this potential yard resident to a day visitor. We found some nice country real estate for him, about five miles away, to relocate him.

Now for a picture:

If you can't appreciate the size, it fit tightly into a cat carrier.

Nice to have you for a visit, groundhog. Hope your new home is just as nice. The yard is all yours again, Frankie & turtles.

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