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July 24, 2007

Elisive Safety

Weather is very nice here and Frankie has spent a lot of time walking around the yard. He does not have to spend as much time hiding under the porch to keep cool. Even the box turtles get around their enclosure a bit. After all the rains, even Frankie's yard needs mowing. He just can't keep up with all the growth.

It is time to pick up Mattie's shell. I am ready. I have not mentioned it to Greg although I am sure he will be okay. He has a way of walking forward without regret or discomfort.

I have worried a lot about Frankie's safety since the story about Bob the sulcata started. Bob was taken from his yard and mutilated. As hard as keeper's try, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of our turtles. Because turtles are unique, I think they draw more curiosity than the typical dog in the yard. I have yet to decide which is safer: making the neighbors aware of Frankie so they can watch out for him, or to keep him a secret so no one knows he is around. The apartments behind my house are the greatest security risk. So many people that it increases the likelihood that there is a animal abuser among them. I think a great deal about how to protect the back fence.

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