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June 20, 2005

Gone on trip

I've just gotten back from a four day trip. It is always nerve wracking leaving all the turtles and geckos behind in the hands of people with a little reptile experience. I must say that if I had a choice of of "reliable but little experience" and "experience but not reliable" I would go with the reliable. At least I know that someone was watching them.I had a total of four people watching all the geckos and turtles. Frankie, Mattie and the four box turtles were the charge of a first grader. She was under the very careful supervision of her older brother (who is so very reliable I would leave him with five hundred unregistered diamonds, they would all be there on my return). Anyway, her job was to check Frankie every day to see that he was secure in his fence. She fed Mattie everyday and did a head count on the box turtles. When we returned this evening I went first to the back to see if Frankie was okay. He was asleep in his new shelter. I piled hay on him and closed the top. He was safe. I will see everyone in the morning!

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