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June 3, 2005

First Day of Sunshine

Its been since Saturday last (6 days) that the turtles have been outside. This morning, while it was still overcast and drizzling, I put Frankie and the box turtles under the halogen light stand I made for them. At about noon, the sun came out. I opened the gecko room door and the door to outside. Frankie saw this and for the first time ever, he walked outside by himself. It meant a lot to me since I've been seeing a Chiropractor for several weeks now because of my hurt back. Lifting 40 pounds of Frankie doesn't help it at all.The box turtles went after all the bugs washed up by the rain. Our pixie tortoise went out too and seemed to be very happy to get fresh air.On my list to buy this weekend is fresh straw for the turtle pen.

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