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October 16, 2014

The Little Sock That Could

Seven days later, Frankie pooped the sock.

Yep, examining sulcata poop is a bit stinky.  Because of Frankie, I've done this so many times that it no longer disgusts to me.   

Little sock hidden within sulcata poop.
Dissection confirmed it was my under-ankle sock with the blue stripes.

Not to be left out of any backyard activity, Frankie butted in to see what I was doing. 

Sock must look appetizing to Frankie because he tried to eat it again.  Okay, now that is disgusting.

Sulcata owners learn that their tortoises can and will attempt to eat almost anything: plastic, cloth, shoes, toes, fingers, cigarettes, paper, rocks, scissors, toys, sticks, small children, dogs, gophers, cat poop, dog poop, roofing nails, geckos, yard tools, electrical cords, peanuts, candy, gum, fast food still wrapped, wrappers, scarves, wicker, book bags,......

Let's put it this way, if Amazon sells it a sulcata will try to eat it. 

On a serious note, these are the typical steps to take when a sulcata has eaten an object it should have eaten:

1) Confirm it happen. Search for object. If the object has disappeared completely and was near the sulcata it was probably eaten.
2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: clean and fill water dish daily or more.  Allow tortoise to soak daily, or if it's too big to soak follow it around the yard with garden hose with rain sprinkler attachment.
3) Feed simple,safe laxatives: cactus pads, aloe vera, various succulents, pumpkin, etc.
4) Check all poop for object.
5) Encourage sulcata to walk, walk, walk.

If things don't progress or the suclata's wellness changes, move to more aggressive action.

6) Visit veterinarian for examination, x-ray, appropriate drug therapy, manual cloaca manipulation or surgical removal.

Work hard on #1 through #5.  #6 is gonna cost a lot.  I was gonna have to give up cable for a year.

Frankie and I celebrate the Little Sock's triumph journey by taking a walk around the block.  Spend most of walk clearing path of cigarettes, to-go cups, plastic lids and a child's toy. 

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