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November 26, 2009

What I Am Thankful For

Indoor accommodations in my new heated igloo

My daily carrots

Petsmart and Petco Black Friday sales

Home delivered meals when I am indoors

The company of three beautiful box turtles (even if mom doesn't let me in their enclosure).

Sunny days

Shell rubs

Getting outside to graze and walk on Thanksgiving day

My buddies, PonG, Mitzy, Rosie, Kim's Krew and the rest of my Sulcata Station and AZ tort friends

A mom who doesn't seem to mind moping up pee and picking up poop

The pound of organic carrots mom keeps in the refrigerator

Thanksgiving leftovers of sweet potato peels and green beans

Getting my own e-mail account (

That mom and dad didn't give me away when I tore up the gecko room last week.

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