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February 23, 2007

Mardi Gras Vacation

Greg and I went to Mobile for Alabama for Mardi Gras and left the turtles and geckos under the care of Nicki (seen in an early Blog entry). The first day we were gone, the weather in Birmingham was sunny with temperatures over 65 degrees. Luckily, Nicki was willing to take Frankie outside for the day and then get him inside for the night. Although I have a cart to transport Frankie around, Nicki still had to lift him and put him on the cart. Although I was concerned, she managed to lift him on the cart. With sulcata, getting them around is a important consideration. There will be a day when I (at 125 pounds) will not be able to lift a 100 pound turtle.

An update on the solar panels: They are successfully heating up our hot water heaters but Greg thinks that without more solar panels, there will not be enough power to keep Frankie's outdoor enclosure warm. We are rethinking his situation. This summer will be the time to get a solution in place.

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