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January 17, 2008

Well Trained

Update on Frankie's potty training - absolute success! Frankie pees on the floor and he has me trained to clean it up promptly. He is also so good to wait until I am around to pee so that he doesn't have to "wade" through his pee all day. I am always right there. He has me well trained. So much for my training plan.

He is a mighty bored sulcata. He spent the morning alone in the gecko room and there is no evidence that he did anything but sit in his box of newspaper waiting for me to come home. When I got home, I promptly went outside and collected some weeds (looking rather peaked from the very cold weather). I mix it with the dampened orchard grass. When I put the stuff on his "eating platform" he gobbled it down (coming out of the box probably for the first time that day). He also got a carrot.

I gave him from front shell rubbings and he stood up on his front toes as high as possible as I rubbed and rubbed. Never seen anything like that except when he was trying to look bigger than a dog at Pet Smart. Then he walked around the gecko room for a bit and then insisted on going outside. His outside trip lasted about six minutes. At least he came back inside before he got too cold. Then he went back into his box of newspapers for the night.

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