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January 21, 2008

I don't do cold

t was a very trying weekend for Frankie and the box turtles. The temperatures, day and night, hardly ever got above freezing. The gecko room does stay warm but one can hardly deny the effects of drafts, etc when outside temperatures are sooo cold.

The box turtles are eating so little now a days. Today, I am going to give them a soak in warm water before I feed them. I hope that warming up will have a good effect. I think I will reposition them in an area under some warmer lights just to stimulate them more. They do get UV, but less than what they get in the summer.

Frankie was plain bored. I tried to spend time downstairs with him. When I am around he tends to be more active which he needs. Regretfully, because of the cold, snow and general fear of ice, Greg was reluctant that I take Frankie to PetSmart for a walk. But he wants to walk. I cut up carrots and placed them in various areas around the gecko room. Sorta a hide and seek game for Frankie. Really got him going.

He is doing well with his dry grass. He does prefer it damp. Wish he will eat it dry -- it would be better for him. As for outside grass and weeds, well, I just don't want to go out there to pick any. There is hope today as the temperatures are supposed to go to 50ºF. If Frankie will be patient and wait until at least 11:00 am, he can get outside in the better temperatures.

Yesterday, during the later part of the day, Frankie did go to the gecko room door, "please, just let me outside!". So, I did open the door into the garage and let him walk toward the back door. When he was almost to the back door, I opened it up. That freezing draft hit him and it wasn't but a second and he was turning back around to get back into the gecko room. He went straight to his nice warm box. He did come back out a bit later, but it was obvious he attitude toward that cold - I'm no fool -- warm is my preferred temperature!

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