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January 2, 2008

Water Falls

So much for potty training when Frankie soaks - that is when I put him in his "pool" to soak in water he will pee and then not pee on the floor. He has been so good! But today...well not so good.

I was sitting on the floor in the gecko room feeding super worms to the box turtles. Frankie was walking around the gecko room and suddenly I hear this sudden rush of water - lots of it. I know its Frankie peeing on the floor. Quickly, I get up and throw a towel on the pee. I wash it up and clean the area. I go back to feeding the box turtles.

Frankie walks over my way and he is behind me when I hear that sudden whoosh of water again - RIGHT BEHIND ME. I jumped. I barely missed getting pee on all over my behind...I mean just barely.

Where does all that pee come from???? I have seen a tortoise vent - the vent is not a big spout yet the amount of pee that can rush out is absolutely astonishing. But I digress.

So, Frankie's training isn't perfect. I guess I will be happy when he does pee in his water and not on the floor.

The good news is the gecko room gets mopped cleaned every time Frankie does let loose. I like a clean gecko room floor.

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