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January 14, 2008

Good Frankie, Bad Frankie

Since last posting, Frankie has been so good to go inside and outside all by himself. He was even so good to walk all the way into the backyard without stopping to graze in his "winter" grass area. To me, that is amazing. What takes eight minutes to accomplish is taking less than five minutes.

But, he went on strike yesterday. With temperatures above 50ºF, perfect for him outside, he refused to leave the gecko room. I must have opened the door a dozen times inviting him outside. Greg kept asking if Frankie had gone outside and I kept saying he hadn't. Finely Greg had enough. For the first time in a very, very long time, the bad Frankie was picked up and carried outside -- oh, not by me, by Greg. I am willing to scoot Frankie but no more major picks ups unless it is urgent or absolutely necessary.

So Frankie was outside while Greg and I ran some errands. We didn't get back before Frankie went into his outdoor shelter. I had to drag (not pick up) Frankie out of the shelter and then plead with him to walk the rest of the way inside into the gecko room. After much ho-hah, he did. Not in record time.

But I can hardly resist Frankie. He was sleeping when I went to the gecko room this morning, tucked deep inside his box his body under lots of newspapers. By the time I had finished watering everyone, Frankie had turned around face out to say good-morning to me. Morning Frankie! I just can resist my good boy!

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