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January 4, 2008

Let me out! Nevermind, let me in!

Today is the first day in three days that Frankie got to go outside. He was insistent - one can tell because he stands by the gecko room door and paces. I kept delaying letting him out till it was above 40º and hoping to get him out when it was above 50º (the expected high today). But Frankie was hungry.

First thing this morning, I gave him a carrot. I think he would have run me over to get to it! I had some cactus from the health food store and he devoured that. I even went outside and picked some freeze-surviving weeds, mixed it in with some damp Orchard hay and he did his best to pick through that, too. But what he wanted was OUTSIDE grazing time!


I put on my coat, opened doors (three total to get to the yard) and let Frankie outside. He made a bee-line (tortoise-line) to his winter patch of grass (rather bleak from the freeze) and ate what he could. He lasted about ten minutes outside. Reluctantly, chilled shell, he came back inside and got under his heat lamp.

(If you read the Sunday Birmingham Newspaper, check the Lifestyle Section, Pet Column for a surprise)

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