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January 16, 2008

Turtle Will

For the last week, I've dealt with a sudden health issue. Luckily, it looks like I've come out on the positive side. But it brought to the foreground what impact it would have on all the geckos and turtles should something have gone the other way.

I am the primary care taker of all the animals. I am at home daily to take care of feeding, watering, cleaning, and most important, playing responsibilities. Without me as primary care given, Greg and I would be forced to make decisions about what to do with everyone.

Frankie would be largely impacted. During the summer, he is free to live in the backyard and feeds with little help (needs help with water). But during the winter, caring for Frankie means getting him inside and outside when the temperatures get warm enough, supplementing his food and cleaning up after him. Greg could not do this as he leaves for work before the sun rises and in mid-winter comes home after the sun sets. Frankie benefits from my being home as he needs more attention.

When it comes to gecko and turtle care, Greg would be hard pressed to spend the minimum of three hours after work taking care of all the geckos and turtles and still having time to take care of himself.

Greg and I have given thought to all this, even before my health crisis this last week. We began planning a "animal directive" which gives specific directions on what should be done if Greg and I become incapacitated. There are certain local friends who would be called in to give daily care until all the geckos and turtles could be placed in new homes. We have already selected a turtle rescue group to take care of Frankie's and the three box turtle's adoption. Our geckos would be distributed to a certain number of people who would know best where to place them. I would prefer to be here to supervise the disbursement of my beloved Frankie, turtles and geckos, but wanting certain things and not knowing the future, plans need to be on paper and shared with other responsible persons. Certain things have been decided, but our plans are no where near completed and written out.

This last week makes the importance of this more real and important than ever.

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