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January 27, 2008

Walks Inside, Walks Outside

Frankie's outside!!!!! He is grazing as fast as he possibly can - poor dear, he hasn't had but scant meals for almost a week now - he just picks at his orchard grass that I prepare for him. But today, sun shining and temperatures warming up, he is outside doing his favorite thing.

Yesterday, with so many days inside, I took him to his two favorite shops, Petco and PetSmart, for some serious walking and shopping. We needed cat food, cat litter, orchard grass, bird food and suet. FYI - the orchard grass was $3.00 with the PetSmart card and $5 at Petco (no Petco card discount). Any savings is good when you have to buy an item over and over again.

Frankie liked walking best in Petco. Really a well lit store and light colored floors so walking around everywhere is fun. In PetSmart, he likes the back of the store most - that is where it is brightest. Employees at both stores now know Frankie by name.

I need to get the date of the Autistic walk. Don't want to miss that. I believe it is in March so I have time to find it. Just don't want to forget to find it.

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