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March 2, 2008

Good Day Sunshine!

It was such a wonderful, sunshiny day that not only did Frankie get outside for a long day in the sun, but the box turtles got outside to have sun fun, too. All turtles yell 'Hooray!'

I cannot remember when the last time the box turtles got outside but they must be just loving the fresh air and nice warm sun. Looking back on the blog is a definite plus when I want to find out that kind of stuff.

Frankie went for the first walk around the block this year. He wasn't as good as he usually is about walking and there was a lot of toe stepping (my toes) and putting Frankie on the cart. More and more people in the neighborhood recognize Frankie, stopping and say hello. One neighbor said it was about time I got Frankie down to his yard to eat all the dandelions (I do believe Frankie is a little behind on his yard duty).

About Frankie being ill. He is doing better. He takes all his medication. He does get tired a little quicker than usual (probably why he was not as cooperative walking). Dr Atlas told us to give Frankie more heat, up past 85ยบ, but when I do this, especially at night, he comes out of his shelter and sleeps on the cold cement. Just to keep him from getting a chill at night, I have put down various pieces of plywood on the floor near his hut so if he does come out, he will sleep off the cold cement. I've been waking up at 4:00 am just to check on him!

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