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March 31, 2008

Some of my favorite things

So, this morning, before coffee, I see Frankie. Always a lift to my morning. Too cool and wet to let him outside but I will be able to see him anytime I want by just going downstairs. I checked on him before Greg got up and Frankie was sitting in his box "hello, Frankie, honey"! How nice.

After breakfast, I take Frankie a carrot. I go downstairs and walk into a disaster area! He has peed on the floor. The pee is in his area, which is okay, I am prepared for that. But there are Frankie pee-footprints all over the gecko room, from one end to the other. And, what the heck, a drop a poo here and there for good measure. And while he is at it, he ate part of the mop. Nice. Can't wait until I see the mop parts he ate in a few days.

So, I mop up the whole gecko room with half a mop. Oh, now Frankie wants to go outside. Fine. He will just want back inside in ten minutes 'cause its cold outside. But, I let him outside anyway.

30 minutes later, when the gecko room floor is dry, Frankie comes back inside which takes him 15 minutes to walk inside cause he is cold and so walks slow from yard to door. I am still in my night shirt and big fluffy green robe and all the neighbors can see me but what do I care. I just smile and wave.

Just a few of my favorite things.

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