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March 18, 2008

Today Forecast: Cloudy and Wiiiiinnnndy

After several days of ideal weather (nights may be stormy but days are sunny and warm), Frankie and the box turtles have enjoyed great days outdoors. But now we have a couple of days of clouds and rain ahead.

I went ahead and put the box turtles outside because they seem to enjoy overcast days. Only these type of days and a day following rain will I find the box turtles walking all over their outdoor area. Before putting them outside, they got a meal of corn and meal worms. Mama Turtle and Big Turtle ate all the corn and Brown Eyes ate the meal worms. Pretty normal.

Since Frankie has taken it upon himself to re-arrange the gecko room now that he is well, I will have to check him during the day to see that he doesn't do too much damage. Today is also the last day of his medications.

Yes, yes, Frankie is his old self again. Definitely a signs to look out for when a sulcata is sick: change of personality, change of habits, lack of activity, turning away favorite foods. Oh, there are "technical" terms for this like lethargic and anorexic but sometimes for us everyday people those terms need to be described in everyday words.

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