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March 20, 2008

Weather Wimp

Frankie, the box turtles, my two cats and I spend yesterday morning in the basement 'cause the weatherman said there was a change of storms with dangerous straight line winds and tornadoes. I call it more of a drill, especially for the cats who dislike the gecko room (not sure why). Too windy and overcast for any of the turtles to go outside. I am beginning to really resent how very tender Alabamians are when it comes to the chance of dangerous weather. They are making me a nervous wreck!

In Oklahoma, I cannot ever recall running outside and bringing all the box turtles inside when it rained or when there was a tornado watch. Only once did Greg and I seriously consider going into our storm shelter during the Midwest City F5 tornado. There was a 1/2 foot of water in our storm shelter so we sat on our living room couch as the worse of it swarmed within a few miles of us. Frankie was sitting in his enclosure munching on greens and the box turtles were outside taking care of themselves.

Since I have been in Alabama, I have turned into a Weather Wimp. All turtles must be inside if there is a chance of dangerous weather. If it rains hard, turtles inside. If its too windy, turtles inside. If there is a weather warning, everyone downstairs. Have enough gas for the generator. Change the batteries for the Emergency Weather Radio. Put flashlights all over the house. Store extra water for toilets AND geckos. I even put a comforter in the gecko closet this week so I could be comfortable during storms.

Turtles just take it as it comes. If it rains, they go to higher grounds and tough it out. Hail is probably annoying. But they just sleep through it all. Wish I could be more like a turtle.

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