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March 22, 2008

Gabby Gathering

Greg and I had a table at the Dixie Reptile Show in Birmingham, Alabama today. I really wanted to bring Frankie but we just didn't have room in the car for him along with all the other stuff we brought to the show. Frankie has come along to a show before when he was younger and he had lots of fun just walking around. The really nice thing about the show is I got to meet up with some turtle friends that I have never met in person before: Kim, Theresia, and Vicki! Everyone but me had a long trip to come into Birmingham. But we really enjoyed spending time together talking about our sulcata and our other turtles.

Vicki had some beautiful baby red foot tortoises. If I had the money and a little more insanity, I would have brought a couple home with me.

Frankie and the box turtles spend an incredible day outside. It was sunny, temperatures in the low 70's, minimum wind. When I got home I went out to make sure everyone was okay. The boxies were basking. Frankie was walking like the walking fool he is. He got a carrot treat then took another 1/2 dozen walks around the yard. Since it is going to be cold tonight, all turtles came in for the night.

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